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8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Monday to Saturday


Ministry which leads the church in praise and worship to God.

A body of selected of believers who monitor and make decisions to enhance the campus infrastructure.

A ministry which nurtures and provides extensive opportunities for children to learn about the goodness of Jesus.

A ministry who worships through dance.

Men of the church who gather to fellowship, worship, and complete various projects on the campus and in the community.

A ministry designed to meet the needs of the community on Miracle West 45th Street. St. Andrew serves George Washington Carver Elementary and Northwestern Legends School in giving monetary donations, volunteer hours, and spirited fellowships such as Fall Festival.

This body of believers enhance the physical outlook of the church campus.

A bonded group of individuals who aid in presenting the gospel via live and streamed services.

Members of St. Andrew who consistently fellowship and provide wisdom moments to the leadership of the church.

Members of the local assembly who meet to provide physical, mental, and spiritual support to one another.

A gathering of believers who study Scriptures for learning and impacting change in their lives.

A group of believers who create, plan, and implement events for the betterment of the church.