air duster for pc
January 28, 2021

air duster for pc

1 Piece Vacuum Cleaner. The air-pin pointer most closely resembles the function of a can of compressed air except that it has a bendable stem that can be used to direct air around tight corners. But if you prefer to keep a meticulous workspace, then this is an eco-friendly way to clean your keyboard on the daily. It comes with three detachable nozzles (two of which have brushes) and has two different power levels. It can be used to clean Desktop PC, laptops, keyboards, camera lens, MacBook keyboard, CPU heatsinks, case fans and various other electronics and household items. USE CODE "paul15" to save 15% on PipPhenes Forex Shop! It has two speed adjustments, high and low that can be triggered using the switch located on the top of it. Compressed air cans are also inconvenient to use. A very reliable, powerful and highly popular electric duster and air blower from XPOWER. Air dusters are ideal for cleaning electronics and sensitive equipment as they do not produce water or moisture. This electric duster is still guaranteed to last, though. But this much power doesn’t come without some unwanted side effects. The advantages of electric dusters are clear. This duster can be used for multiple tasks like cleaning electronics, computer mice, keyboards, workstation, window blinds, collectibles, laptops, and other water uncleanable devices. Pros: Good build quality, Good performance, Speed Adjustments, Ultra Lightweight, Cheapest of all. Blue $79.99 $ 79. If the MetroVac ED500-ESD Electric Duster looks a little familiar, that’s because it is almost exactly the same as the cheaper DataVac ED500P we reviewed above. The ED500-ESD has the same powerful 500 Watt motor and the same 0.75 horsepower rating for its ability to push air out. Free postage. In fact, Canless Air (the company that makes the X3) guarantees a lifetime warranty on this product. Though the Opolar electric duster only has a 10 Watt motor it still moves as much air as a can of compressed difluoroethane gas. He has a special liking for graphics cards and is a passionate PC gamer. Save money on compressed air cans by using one of these awesome electric dusters to clean your gaming PC perfectly every time. AABCOOLING Compressed Gas Duster Flex 750ml - Air Duster with a Flexible Tube, Laptop Cleaner, Compressed Air Can, Air Blower, Air Spray. This means that this electric duster is only really good for cleaning tech equipment. CompuCleaner Original II - Electric Air Duster The CompuCleaner Original 2 is the latest generation model from the best selling CompuCleaner range. You have to stay on top of it before it negatively impacts your PC's performance. I agree that the DataVac gets uncomfortably hot – probably too hot for regular use. When the dust bunnies really pile up, they can impede airflow in your PC case and cause components to overheat. The power of its vacuum motor will have you rethinking your whole PC maintenance strategy as it is nearly as strong as the competition despite being massively cheaper. Air Duster Ecomoist (400ml) x3, Excellent for Keyboards, Printers, Computer Components and Other Office Equipment, Laptop Cleaner, PC Cleaning Kit (Pack Set of 3) 4.3 out of 5 stars 540 £11.97 £ 11 . It recharges quickly via MicroUSB too. Akshat Verma is the owner of this technology blog and has more than 15 years of experience in computer hardware field. Wish I read your comment before I ordered it lol. One of the bigger bonuses is the built-in battery, which allows for a solid amount of use between charging and fast charging at under 200 minutes. This is great because Li-ion batteries don’t last forever and that would otherwise limit the lifespan of this product. The content is copyrighted and should not be reproduced on other websites. And that usually means a costly part replacement to match. But what is the issue with just giving your PC a once-over with a can of moisture-free compressed gas every now and again? The X3 Hurricane’s built-in battery allows it to run at full power for up to 15 minutes. Also known commonly as canned air, compressed air dusters, computer cleaner, gas duster, and other names. Ultimately, the pros far outweigh the cons of this device, making it an all-around great tool for caring for your electronics. This electric duster comes with three different air pump adapters so that it can be used to inflate airbeds, small boats, and other inflatables. Air is discharged from the can at a high velocity that literally blasts small particles of dust and debris out of their hiding place. Air dusters can be used to remove dust, dirt and debris from office equipment, electronics and harder to reach areas, such as computer cleaning keyboards, laptops, printers, computer fans and dusty circuit boards. CompuCleaner Electric Air Duster is also a 500-Watt electric air duster and can be used to clean your electronic devices, computer keyboard, laptop, copy machine, printer, medical equipment, camera, and whatnot. 0345 567 4000 ... Keeping your surroundings clean can be an arduous process, but with this air-duster you have an easy way to clear accumulated dust from even the hardest to reach areas. The first one you will notice is that the DataVac is quite loud. 3. AABCOOLING Compressed Gas Duster FLEX 750ml - Compressed Air With a Flexible Tube, Keyboard Cleaner, Compressed Air For PC, Computer Duster, PC Cleaner. An important thing to keep in mind is that electric dusters pull air right from the room, so a proper electric air duster needs a filtration system to ensure it isn’t blasting the same dusty air right back into your keyboard. 3.9 … It is easily as loud as a Shop-Vac and if you plan to do some serious cleaning projects with it, you may want to consider ear protection. After all, the portable form factor makes it the best duster for getting deep into crowded full tower cases. It is one solid machine and puts out a strong stream of air. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. + Free of dangerous fluorocarbons & deadly inhalants/propellants. These electric air dusters are also very much affordable, portable, reliable and can be used for household cleaning too. I am a PC Gamer and a Hardware Enthusiast. Keeping your computer clean is a very good habit and it is now made super easy and super-fast to do using these Electric Dusters. Another thing to be aware of is that this electric duster has a washable foam filter at its air intake that should be cleaned every couple of uses. Also, these Electric Air Dusters can get hot when in continuous operation, so give them a little rest or pause in between when cleaning things. It seriously needs a switch to turn down the airflow. Q-Connect HFC-Free Air Duster 400ml 175-50-028. The X3 Hurricane produces plenty of both. As a plus, they are quieter and generate less heat too, so they do still have merits. SAVE 55% off RRP. It is completely safe to use on computers, laptops, keyboards, CPU and Graphics card heatsinks & fans / CPU Coolers, computer case fans, radiators, printers, cameras and other electronic equipment, components or devices. Pros: Steel body construction, Great performance, Long cord, Multiple nozzle attachments. Powerful 500 Watt motor. It recharges via micro USB in about 3 hours, so it is easy to keep close to your rig and have ready when you need it. It generates a maximum airflow of 70 CFM and comes with 12 feet long cord. Additionally, it only has one nozzle and the air is far too diffuse to clean dust without it. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It is a compact and lightweight electric duster, and its body is made up of high-quality ABS plastic. So, the best way to clean the dust from your computer case, computer parts, and other electronic components is by using electric dusters or electric air dusters that are designed especially for this purpose. 2. It starts to get hot after running for a minute but you have to hold the button to run it so you can mitigate this by sticking to short bursts. It is only 0.66 pounds and can be tilted sideways or upside down unlike a can of compressed gas. All in all, the XPower A-2 compares fairly well to other dedicated dusters while also offering the added utility of inflating stuff. FELLOWES Air Duster Can , PC Keyboard Printer Dust , Safe Compressed Canister. The Metro DataVac ED500P is a powerful electric air duster that should be your go-to if you have expensive PC hardware that you want to keep clean. This Compucleaner 2.0 has a powerful 500 Watt motor that delivers a max airflow of 70 CFM. It can be used to clean computers, electronics, computer devices, air vents, windows and various other things where dust can get into. And while air is totally harmless to computers, static charge in the air is a whole different story. This electric duster has no variable speed adjustment and works at a single speed only, and this is a slight shortcoming of this device. The Compucleaner 2.0 is only 1.8 pounds, making it easy to maneuver. The Opolar 2-in-1 Duster & Vacuum takes care of both needs, allowing you to blow off large surfaces and suck debris out hard to reach places. Otherwise, the added price only provides a marginal improvement over the original model. Compressed air cans from brands like Dust-Off may do the job but they are unnecessarily expensive, costing you loads more in the long run than just buying an electric duster. The high power mode packs a serious punch as this electric duster’s 500 Watt motor has a max airflow of 90 CFM. I’ve heard a number of people complain about these giving off static charges and blowing computers and components, I’ll stick to the canned/compressed air. A high-pressure electric duster that is as good as the DataVac and XPOWER Electric Dusters mentioned above. The other side effect is that this device runs hot after a few minutes of use. You shouldn’t use this electric duster around pets or children under the age of 5. An electric duster is a compact and small air blower that blows out air at high pressure to remove the dust from the things at which it is directed. It is only a one-time investment and then you can clean your computer or electronics as many times as you want, without having to fear that it may run out of the air which is the case with compressed air cans. Still, no disrespect if this is all you have in your cleaning budget. This device basically sets the bar for what to look for out of an electric air duster. In other words, be careful with where you point this thing. Unfortunately, that also means that the ED500-ESD is just as loud as the ED500P. The best way to remove dust from the PC case and computer components is not by using a vacuum cleaner, but blowing air to the components and case. High Performance 500 watt-0.75HP Motor Computer Cleaner. As you may expect, it gets pretty loud too. In summary, if you plan to do some serious PC case cleaning projects with your electric computer duster, then you will probably want to upgrade to this ESD-safe version of the DataVac. It is compact in size and various attachments include Air-Pin Pointer, Air Concentrator Nozzle, Air- Flare Nozzle and 4-Piece Detailing Tool Kit. Worst of all, cans of compressed air are single-use and have to be specially recycled because they are made from steel. The suction that it produces isn’t going to move things across your desk like an electric duster but it will suck up crumbs and dust well enough once it warms up to full power. in Computer Science & Engineering. 6 attachments that include Air-Pin Pointer, Air Concentrator Nozzle, Air- Flare Nozzle and 4-Piece Detailing Tool Kit. 3 x Dust-Air 400ml Compressed Air Duster Can for PC Laptop Camera CFC By dust-air 9.6 View Product 9.6 2: 5 x Dust-Air 400ml Compressed Air Duster Can for PC Laptop Camera CFC I have used them on numerous computers, laptops and other electronics without any issues. 404 - Document Not Found. Rather than spend a fortune and create a lot of waste by ripping through cans of compressed air, consider upgrading to an electric duster that is specially designed to blow the dust off of your delicate electronics in an eco-friendly manner. 4 Stars, 6 product ratings 6. Pro Advice: Always clean your Computer at least once a month using the Electric Duster. Check. If you plan to use an electric duster for regularly cleaning the inside of your PC case rather than desktop tidying, then this may be a worthwhile upgrade. That said, it is still too loud to use late at night. 1 Piece USB Cable. Be very careful using this one with delicate electronics. But since this is considerably pricier than our top pick, the X3 Hurricane should only be considered if you highly value the battery and portable design. IT Dusters 28 Huxley Close Park Farm Industrial Estate Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 6AB Tel: +44 (0) 1933 678 016 Email: Air dusters are supplied with a straw that can be used to direct the air into small crevices or nooks and crannies including on the inside of the PC. 400ml Compressed Air Can Duster Spray Multi Purpose Can Cleaner Clean & Protects Laptop, Keyboards, Printers, Electronics, PC Cleaning Computer Components. If you only clean your hardware every once in a while, the DataVac ED500P might be overkill. The wider nozzles are better suited for drying off wet items or clearing out pipes. I may switch to a smaller, less powerful rechargable that makes less noise. They are more eco-friendly and more powerful than compressed air cans and they serve multiple functions around the house. It has got two-speed settings (high/low) and comes with 8 nozzle attachments for different applications. They are completely safe to use. IT Dusters CompuCleaner Original Electric Air Duster Blower for PC, Laptop, Console, Electronics a… One shortcoming of the Opolar is that it has no air filter, so it can push new dust particles into nooks and crannies even as it blows others out. It pushes air through fast and if it was just a little bigger you pretty much could use it to blow leaves. I tried use it in my school repair desk, but it’s loud enough to disrupt nextdoor classrooms. Product Code: KF04499. It is available in three color options which are black, blue and green, and is also cheaper than DataVac Electric Duster. In some ways, it is even better than DataVac Electric Duster when considering the design elements, because its body does not get heat up like the DataVac duster, which has a steel body. I have done M.Tech in IT and B.E. Thankfully, the sturdy plastic handle mitigates any discomfort that this may cause while you are using it, though you should still avoid touching its all-steel frame when you use it. Air duster Product Description Hama air duster General Product Type Air duster. IT Dusters CompuCleaner Original Electric Air Duster Blower for PC, Laptop, Console, Electronics a… To that point, though, the battery in the X3 can last beyond 750 power cycles and only takes about 4 to 6 hours to recharge. I love Graphics Cards and I have been digging them since GeForce 3 series. If you are a tech professional on the go, then you may not always have the luxury of an available outlet to plug in an electric duster. Fellowes Computer Air Duster, Fellowes Printer Ink Cartridges, Fellowes Keyboard Wrist Rests, Pc Dust Filter, Dust-Off Air Duster Computer Cleaning Equipment & Kits, Pc Keyboard, Compressed Air Can, Keyboard Computer Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners, Air Duster 400ml, PC Laptops & Netbooks with Backlit Keyboard The smaller motor isn’t quite as loud either, closer to an inflatable mattress pump than a ShopVac. They are easy to install or remove from the bottom of the duster. Compressed air cans have been very popular for cleaning the computer and its parts but they prove too much costly to clean a complete PC, and they cannot be used again, once they get empty. The DataVac ED500P comes with three MVC-49ED filters, which should be cleaned after every couple of uses and replaced once they start to fall apart. This version of the DataVac ED500P comes with three different nozzles: a concentrator nozzle, an air-flare nozzle, and an air-pin pointer. 2 x 400ml Compressed Air Duster Gas Spray Cleaner MAX POWER 9 Bar HFC Free Can. Buy XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Electric Duster. Here are the best electric air dusters or computer air dusters for cleaning computers, PC components, laptops, notebooks, peripherals, electronics, etc. Also, the chemicals used in compressed air cans is very deadly and not safe for the environment. Just like the DataVac electric duster, this one is also a 500W air duster with 0.75 HP motor, but it generates a bit more airflow at 90 CFM. It is available in both 120V and 240V variants, and with two-pin and three-pin plugs for use in different countries. The most useful nozzle for dusting is the one with the most narrow opening. DataVac Electric Duster ED-500 A very popular and powerful electric air duster that has been trusted by many users. It features an upgraded motor for even more power and a dual speed switch for more control! 4.9 average based on 88 product ratings. Go to Computer Cleaning Home › Computer Accessories › Computer Cleaning. The low mode is helpful when you are dealing with delicate components while the high mode is great for quickly blasting away caked dust.

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