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Our History

Our History

Early in 1977 a group of 18 Believers began to meet in the Ephesian Baptist Church. There was a real closeness among this small group which brought on a burning desire to worship together on a regular basis. The Rev W. L. Bell, Pastor of Ephesian Baptist Church and his congregation opened their doors and their hearts to this group. Many of us worshipped with the members of Ephesian regularly and met for prayer service each Wednesday evening.

After many weeks of prayerful deliberations and planning the organization of St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church became a reality on Wednesday evening. February 15, 1978 by an Ecclesiastical Council called by a company of believers in Christ which convened at Ephesian Baptist Church. At this council meeting the Reverend W.E. Young, Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Institutional Church was chosen as moderator, and the Reverend Frederick D. Newbill served as clerk. The letter by which the Council was called was read stating the object to be the propriety of recognizing said company of believers as a regular and independent church.

Prior to the reading of the names, Bro. Ernest Daniels moved that the Resolution be adopted and following this the Motion was seconded and carried. Dr. Mildred McCoy moved that the name of the newly organized church be known as the ST. ANDREW MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH. Motion seconded and carried. Mrs. Johnnie N. Edwards then moved that the
REV. A. B. COLEMAN, JR, be called as PASTOR and the Motion was seconded and carried.

. Under Rev. A. B. Coleman’s, leadership the church recognized the need for a larger facility to hold its growing membership …. THIS GREAT DAY ARRIVED FOR US NOVEMBER 17, 1991, when we held our first service in the new facility. We dedicated our new church to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on that afternoon and held our Cornerstone Service. God has richly blessed us since entering the new edifice.
On April 3, 2005, Our beloved Pastor, Rev A. B. Coleman, Jr. retired and became Pastor Emeritus.

On June 10, 2017 with a unanimous vote Rev. Timothy A. Simmons was selected to Pastor St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church. When Rev. Simmons was informed he replied, “I am Honored and Humbled.”

Pastor Simmons wants St. Andrew’s presence to be felt in this community. Because of his vision and foresight he lovingly refer to St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church as the

“Miracle On West 45th Street.”