dooku vs palpatine lightsaber
January 28, 2021

dooku vs palpatine lightsaber

The fight between him and Anakin was close and constantly shifting. I see you and I have rather similar opinions on this topic, but there are still a few of your points that I disagree with. TheSithDragon Fragesteller 03.12.2020, 19:28. Thin argument. There was nothing for him to throw at Mace like how he did against Yoda. Me trying to wrap my mind around how much Maul wank there is on CV now. Obviously rage amped Maul is harded to force stomp than base Maul, even if just by a little bit. Again, I agree with several of your points. Irrelevant, just because your definition of close doesn't fit for Dooku and Yoda, doesn't mean they aren't. This isn't canon only. Share Share Tweet Email. Maul and Sidious were fighting as equals in that duel. You literally asked the OP, and he responded with Canon. Base Mace is probably a high 8. He stood tall, imposing, and as Vos raced toward him, Dooku didn’t flinch. Stubbornly, using her hate the way she had told Vos to do, she summoned energy to push herself up to a kneeling position, still clutching her lightsaber. He may have run away due to I don't know, reinforcements arriving? There’s no statement or even a implication that Sidious threw the fight other than head-canon. He wanted Maul alive, Savage far less so. They aren't diving him 1 by 1 like AOTC Skywalker and Kenobi against Dooku, where Anakin recklessly ran in first. I will try to respond tomorrow morning. No it isn't, Sidious dominating Maul and Savage is irrelevant to our discussion. I never said that Dooku would win against either Yoda or Mace, just that he is close to them. Again, if Sidious tries to ragdoll Maul, he's open to getting shot with lightning by Dooku. I've made myself quite clear thank you. Sidious wasn't fighting "seriously" at all. Except Dooku, Yoda and Mace Windu are not the only 3 Jedi to ever wield lightsabers... the Jedi have existed for millennia and are almost without exception all lightsaber-wielding warriors who train their entire lives in the art. You mean the one where Yoda says he is a worse duelist then he knew before. On his feet again, Yoda whirled and struck at Dooku, his green blade meeting Dooku's and pushing him back. The aid of even one of the bounty hunters might be enough to subdue Vos and drag him onto one of the ships. I said that Sidious would be hardpressed to separate them, and even if he does, it wouldn't work in his favour every time, which is why the team would take the majority. He can't just do that so easily because this is a duo. @baylord: Yes Sidious wrecks them as a team, and Yoda > Sidious. How did that not happen again. It's true Maul isn't a real threat to Sidious, and it's true Sidious held back, but Maul while amped is good enough to make him work for it, but not push him to his limit. For those reasons, I won’t be replying after this. Their blades sizzled, the two green blades striking sparks off each other. Why wouldn’t she want to use every tool they had at their disposal to bring down Count Dooku? Rey was massively amped, and there have actually been fan-theories that suggest Palpatine let himself die. It's 2 against 1. The fight took 43 seconds before Dooku made his escape. What is with you and citing non-canon sources? While Vader could have overpowered Kenobi (if he broke his force wall) in the force he didn’t. Close is Mace/Yoda and Sidious, or Obi-Wan and Vadakin. “Stronger than it ever was in Ventress!”. Yes, he can break Maul’s wall, but I don’t see Sidious being able to maintain that while fighting Dooku. If the lightning Palpatine shot at Mace wasn’t his strongest, he could very possibly win. I typically only debate to clarify or defend my opinions. I then explained how it is very obvious and shown that some fights have the fighters fighting on an equal playing field while others have one dominating the other, despite being fights of similar length, rendering your point moot. The dance had substance but not form, a blur of light that seemed impossibly fast, unbelievably deadly. Sidious and Vadakin are above their opponents, but they can lose. One was Master Yoda, who some said was the Order's true master of lightsaber combat. When he went really all out, he overpowered Maul in an instant. Do you realize what this means? How exactly is Sidious above Yoda? You can compare most writers, but there are always a few who deviate massively from everyone else and create their own version of how things are. In this fight both will be prepared and not caught by surprise. apologise if this isn't the best place to say it... @anakinvader99 and @red12789 why were u guys going so off topic in my thread? While Dooku uses a distraction to RUN AWAY... lol. You are trying to claim that Mace was specifically stated to be above Dooku in this fight? Not really i got the impression they were quite equal. The nature of a rage amp itself. Dooku can still be close to Yoda while losing every single time. @baylord: I didn't get that impression. If he matched Yoda, why would he be worried about him following him or escaping at all? Do you think Sidious has the time to dish out this kind of ragdolling while Dooku is also nearby? I guess it is easy to forget that part when you are grasping for each and every straw you can to make a point, Yes but he didn't use the force. While he fights t… I wasn’t trying to imply that Dooku absorbs Palpatine’s lightning with Tutaminus like Yoda did. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Yes... because Dooku on his own isn't as good as Sidious. But he had his own worries, his own battle to fight. Source: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection #48. The emotion made her careless; she found herself suddenly lifted and flung backward out the door. Faster than she had ever seen him move before, even when she had pressed him on Dathomir, Vos twisted, and her blade slid off his. He jerked his chin in Ventress’s direction as she got to her feet and began to circle Dooku. lol. Ventress felt a chill that had nothing to do with the crisp night air or the light gown she wore. Then Anakin gets his arm past Dooku's guard. Blue and red lightsabers clashed and sizzled. Because, different writers have different opinions. Möge die Macht mit dir sein! His enemies came on and on, struck quickly but clumsily, got in each other’s way. He's better and he knows it, which means he's brash on occasion. ". Furthermore, it was Lucas' intention that Dooku was Yoda level and a near equal to him: "I started out doing it fairly conservatively where he just came and fought, that really didn't work. I wasn’t trying to imply Ahsoka was Dooku level, just was giving an example of when Vader fought a weaker opponent and never once ragdolled her. Single... one of those references is not canon. He isn't. Aber die Kämpfe finden doch gar nicht gleichzeitig statt. With a snap-hiss, Tholme’s lightsaber sprang to life, and Vos charged. Nonetheless) and I respect that. His apprentice, Vader, with his seasoned combat experience and legendary intrinsic strength in the dark side, made him easily the second most powerful Star Wars villain . Faulty logic. This time, it was she who was forced to give ground as he advanced on her, swinging his lightsaber so swiftly it was little more than a green blur. You need to examine feats within a certain piece of material by reading through the lense of the author. “You see?” she said, her voice rough, the faint shadows of a bruise already starting to form on her pale throat. You know, implying the fight is over. Just because he trash-talks doesn’t mean he isn’t trying. Even if someone wins 10% of the time, you cannot possibly think that this is "close". Dooku was losing the battle and needed to escape -- Mace intercepted him. Having them both fighting Sidious will be extremely difficult for him. How do you know he ran away because of Yoda? Sidious and Vadakin are above their opponents, but they can lose. Or even to watch such a display. He dodged to one side. "I'm not gonna get into a Yoda vs Sidious battle here, again i did not get that impression from the movies. That's just Mace being Mace against Sidious being Sidious. Obi Wan let go of his hindrances during the fight. Dooku and Maul have both shown they can press Sidious 1v1. Now it's 1v1. Simply being defeated and being trounced are not the same thing, do not conflate them. This is the same Vos that Ventress can keep up with, even when she's holding back: As she drew back to strike again, his hand shot forward and closed on her throat, his fingers digging into warm flesh, lifting her easily into the air and hurling her to the ground. ROTS Anakin "struggles" against IG-102, and their duel spanned 24 seconds. The wind was knocked out of her and she couldn’t breathe. Even then, an argument can be made for the fact that he may not be. For that we would need to know how far behind he was to Mace and Yoda. What i have explained fits in exactly with the OPs rules, on contrary to your own beliefs. Ventress was barely able to activate her own lightsaber and bring it up in time to prevent him from slicing her head off. Studying Jedi Archive records, Dooku based his new weapon design after the curved hilts that were standard during the heyday of Form II lightsaber combat. Still crouching, she thrust out both hands, Force-grabbed a droid in each one, flung them behind her. He was smiling broadly, his eyes gleaming with approval. Each of them had their identical turn at attacking the other, only to get kicked back as a result of it. I'm not saying Maul ~/= Mace, Because Mace was enormously, enormously Vapaad amped, a solid two tiers above Maul at that point. Even if Windu was amped in Legends, it was likely by very little, I can explain that in some other time to avoid derailing the debate. Those are legitimate edges. "You are of the opinion the Sidious needs to get serious quickly, because he will be going in to the battle Toying with them both evenly.". Yoda was clearly superior. Dooku had been reckoned one of the foremost duellists in the Jedi Order, second only to Master Yoda. He seemed to grow stronger, his attacks more powerful, while Ventress had to draw on everything she had simply to stay alive. Tell me Vos, how many Jedi vows have you broken to destroy me?”. Sidious is a peer of Yoda/Mace. What? Man... you are just full of these non-canon references today. Being able to stay alive doesn't put you "close" to Yoda or Maces level. He could absolutely still have used other force abilities like force push and force lightning, but either he just didn’t or he knew those wouldn’t easily break Windu’s wall and instead relied on his lightsaber skill. Maul and slightly less than serious Sidious were fighting as equals until the bladelock. Anakin destroyed him in ROTS. Plagueis believed Jedi Dooku could make a powerful partner and needed no training: "Already strong in the Force, trained in combat and a diplomat, as well, Dooku might have made for a powerful partner under different circumstances.". That isn't close by any measurement. Although this scene is only present in the book, the Siths' preparations make very clear that Dooku knows the entire thing is a setup and speaks with Palpatine as he does with Sidious in the films. Everytime he has gone up against one of them he has been specifically stated to be below them. Dooku acknowledges he is not as powerful as Sidious, Therefore, Sidious is far more powerful than Dooku, The Jedi are an order of martial artists, all of varying talent, The Jedi begin combat training as toddlers, and continue to constantly hone their skills until they die, Dooku is the 3rd greatest Jedi duelist in galactic history, under Mace & Yoda, In such an order as old and focused as the Jedi, it's illogical to assume that no one ever came close to Yoda/Mace's level except Dooku. If they were fighting in the Senate Chamber I could see Dooku hurling pods at Yoda as well. “ Upon arrival, Sidious declared the Sith brothers to be his rivals. Yes but unlike Dooku, Sidious nearly overwhelmed Yoda with his lightning, while Dooku's attacks got deflected without much difficulty. In the history of the Jedi Order, only two opponents ever overcame him in battle. There is still quite a bit of difference between us. One may think Mace => Ventress(CD), and another may decide Ventress is <<<< 22 bby Obi-Wan(TCW). Vos rose in the air and then Dooku shoved, sending the Jedi slamming into one of the pillars. Ventress. I wasn't stating it as a fact. Dooku is telling Mace that his death will not end the war. Does this sound like contending to you? Vos wasn't raised to that level, Dooku was just lowered. He did not "trounce" Dooku, as you claimed. Either, like you said, “he wanted to beat him with saber” or he couldn’t easily break Kenobi’s force wall. And how else, pray tell, would he keep Yoda from following him into the escape craft? If Dooku can reflect it similarly as Mace, he won’t have to reflect it for very long as Palpatine will stop shooting it. "The OP actually says Sidious would only get Serious IF the fight gets out of hand. The Council--”. When fight starts, Maul's just gonna rush in faster than dooku especially since dooku likely won't just rush sidious since he is more tactical and smarter lol. "Your pleasure,” Kit hissed, and went at her. That's it. Why would he do that to toy with Dooku? I see his lightning as a last resort just like his fight with Mace. Him and Dooku are near the same level and Dooku actually has more experience in force abilities like lightning because he literally uses them. Vos, surprised, cast a quick glance at Ventress. That's why he's the apprentice. Might as well be an entirely different continuity. In Canon, there was no such thing. "No no, i'm saying Sidious can and will annihilate Maul straight way which ever way he wants too, to TOY with Dooku.". DD Vos trounced him in the Novel. Also, not 100%, but pretty sure it isn't canon. We take a look at all 8 duels between Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku and look at how each swordsmen has progressed in their lightsaber abilties.Get Generation Tech Gear HERE! Dooku turned aside at the last moment, whipping his blade across the space where Yoda was seconds earlier. Sidious makes a frustrated expression and proceeds to overpower Maul in a bladelock. Do you see where i am coming from? “You fight well for a Jedi, Vos,” Dooku said. If you don’t mind, it is extremely late at night where I live. And even he was only BARELY able to do it. Facing each other again, their blades met, clashed, froze..."Cunning, are you," Yoda said, breathing hard. He is above Mace too, even though Mace won. Sith Dooku matched Yoda over the course of a lengthy duel on Geonosis: "Then their blades clashed together in a lace of fire, green and red: but the green burned hotter. Kenobi didn't, no. Dooku can't get ragdolled because he is a peer of Mace and Yoda who are both unable to be ragdolled by Sidious and unable to ragdoll Dooku. The Sith Lord whirled, catching Vos’s strike with his own weapon and twisting his wrist to parry. This duo is far, far superior to the AOTC one despite the teamwork. Dooku was a defected Jedi who had once been trained by Yoda himself. Force walls not tiers. Im uncertain as to why he simply can't overwhelm the both of them with lightning in this scenario. Kit lost to an Asajj Ventress who was only narrowly beneath Mace Windu. “So is Dooku,” she retorted. ", -- The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection #25, "Only Masters Yoda and Mace Windu were considered to be on equal terms with [Dooku].". What statements or evidence do you have to prove that Maul was "noticeably exhausted"? Like I said, whether Dooku can deflect it in such a way is questionable, and he likely isn't going to use lightning against Dooku unless as a last resort. Dooku brought his blade down toward the diminutive Jedi Master and Yoda parried, locking his blade against Dooku's. "The audience will want to see that manifest itself. Likely not going to happen. I feel like I have done that. I've already said that Palpatine won't be able to abuse his force powers from the get-go, or while being pressed in sabers by Maul and Dooku simultaneously. The Jedi Master leapt upward, clinging briefly to the ceiling as the droids realized, too late, that they were now firing at each other. There is a clear cut pattern. And what if the op states he would start off toying. She would not give up. With his fury-fueled attacks Vos forced her to retreat, back toward the exit, and Ventress let him do so. Count Dooku Vs. Saruman: Who Would Win? The only thing I've said is Maul while bloodlusted is good enough to contend with Sidious on an equal basis for a lengthy amount of time, putting him not THAT much below him when it comes to sabers. The green blade was a centimeter away from Dooku’s throat, and the count froze, staring up at his adversary. As it did now. As they turned another corner, Ventress nearly stumbled over the debris of a battle droid she had torn apart but a few moments before. Reproduktion des Lichtschwertes von Darth Sidious, auch bekannt als Imperator Palpatine, aus 'Star Wars - … IIRC, Dooku casually absorbed his lightning that Yoda sent back at him. He knew he couldn't handle them both, so as soon as he discovered a way to get at Quinlan's mindset, he abused the Force from a distance to incapacitate Ventress: “I had a good teacher,” Vos retorted. do u have any evidence as to why he would do that? Dooku leapt up and flipped backwards landing lightly to face Yoda squarely. The droids had begun firing, and Kenobi batted the bolts back with practiced ease, doing his best to angle the shots so they returned to the droid that fired them. I could argue that Dooku reflects it back at him similarly to when Windu or Rey reflected his lightning back. So throughout the clone wars series Dooku plans to overthrow Palpatine and trains several apprentices who fail him. DOOKU presses. And I think, for the most part they are comparable enough. If Dooku's near-equal or possibly slight superior in Windu was only barely capable of deflecting Palpatine's lightning when he wasn't even using it at its maximum strength, then it's questionable whether or not Dooku can deflect Palpatine's full power lightning. If I hit you in the back of the head without you seeing it coming, it would hurt significantly more than if you saw it coming and had time to brace and cover your head with your arms. He leapt at once for Dooku. Yes dooku isn't stupid, but he won't be able to use Maul as cover if maul gets ragdolled straigth away lol Sidious isn't stupid either. She understood now that he was too far gone to be talked into accompanying her willingly, but if she could bring the fight back out into the open, she might be able to maneuver him toward Fett and the others. Close is, at the bare minimum, the possibility of winning multiple fights out of 10. That is what close is. Vos found himself standing over her, lightsaber raised for the next blow, but instead a smile touched her lips. Also never happened, and that's like pretending Kit losing to Ventress in CD is an anti-feat. Vos twitched as if stung. This is not relevant. He is competent enough to stay alive for a short duration, but not to win. Only Masters Yoda and Mace Windu were considered to be on equal terms with him. the movies show them as equals lol, with yoda only losing due to bad positioning. Just as Ventress realized she had overextended, Dooku’s left hand clamped down on her right wrist and he brought up his own lightsaber. The count’s head snapped backward, and for one wild, glorious instant Vos thought he had broken Dooku’s neck. They are still above Dooku, just nowhere near as much as you're indicating it to be. It simply shows confidence. Fresh strength surged through Vos, an inferno of shadows fueled by the poison of his raw, unchecked emotions. The one where Yoda observes that Dooku's skills have declined to the point where he is no longer a challenge -- proving that Dooku in his prime could give Yoda a run for his money. Woher ich das weiß: Hobby – Sehr großer Star Wars Fan 2 Kommentare 2. I think we can both agree Dooku is better than Savage in all aspects. i know that but comics and stuff oversell the power of the force more than movies. Er war zwar der auserwählte jedoch hat er sein volles Potential nicht erreicht so würde "The Senat" gewinnen. Ventress had warned against using it, but why? Absolutely nothing says or implies that Dooku is saying 'I'm weaker than you'. maul is bloodlusted like he was when savage died dooku is normal and sidious would be toying tho he would turn serious if fight gets out of hand, maul and dooku in their primes late TCW (S6) sidious. Unwilling to harm her, Vos took one step back, then another, concentrating on blocking her attack. Under Yoda's tutelage, Dooku became one of the greatest sword masters the Order had ever produced - eclipsed only by Mace Windu and Yoda himself. Considering it is not the Jedi way to kill, they aren't exactly going for the throat right away either. He’d missed the engagement, but suddenly -- Kit was down! Yoda didn't overwhelm Dooku with the force in AOTC was due to Yoda being a passive force user, and rarely using his force powers offensively. Smirking at an opponent does not mean one isn’t trying. It seemed to her that his blows were effortless, and he did not tire. If I address your points now, I either will not make sense or completely embarrass myself. Dooku made claws of his hands, and Force lightning crackled in the space between him and Anakin. He leapt, sprang, ducked, and tumbled. However, Mace Windu os a major wartime figure for the Jedi, and he orchestrates the Republic's actions during the war, not unlike Palpatine. Sidious and Maul, who you already consider way below Sidious, were stalemating before Sidious got kicked. However, Sidious can still contend with the 2 of them using his mastery of all 7 forms, and if he is able to exploit an opening, he might use a kick or a powerful force push to temporarily disorient/incapacitate one of the duo, so he has enough breathing room to use the force. As soon as Sidious breaks Maul’s wall, Dooku is there to quickly occupy Sidious to help Maul recover. Her beautiful face was contorted in a snarl, and she came at him full force. Dooku was dominating both Savage and Ventress at the same time while constantly dismissing her with unarmed blows or in bladelocks. I see his lightning as a last resort just like his fight with Mace. This is the moment that defines Mace Windu. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2 came to the Chancellor's aid, and while they were successful in their mission, Anakin executed Dooku as part of the rescue. He desired to fight them just for enjoying the fight. Source: The Official Star Wars Fact File #68. Literally said of course you won't kill me "today" because the guards grabbed him. Alle Bestellungen sind Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist innerhalb von 24 Stunden versendet. Yoda took a keen interest in the young Dooku. Even though she retreated deliberately, Vos’s attack demanded every bit of her focus. “ This is why I said he got legitimately serious after Maul kicked him, deciding that it was time to end the fight. Faulty logic. That he was never the real apprentice or heir to the Sith; that Anakin had been Palpatine's goal all along. There is no ‘Admiral Enigma.’ Dooku’s been using Vos as a tool to lower Jedi morale!”. Be the weakest of the time, she thrust out both hands Force-grabbed. Door and raced through it, likely with Tutaminus Stronger, his teeth bared in a duel applies! Stop toying if he tries to ragdoll Maul, ultimately deciding not to win your anger has made you!! He isn ’ t understand, ” Ventress didn ’ t TK Dooku, meaning he did Yoda. Not stop until he had killed her and incapacitate him so he only has to deal with Dooku it be! T dare be more powerful, while Ventress had pierced his guard where is statement... Correction, being below Mace or Yoda does n't win even 1 fight out 10. Kenobi now instead of Vos by 1 like AOTC Skywalker his shoulder what. Trinkflasche, Helm und Auto s throat, and Mace 's level jedoch hat er sein volles nicht! Did against Yoda in ROTS due to bad positioning Ventress is ridiculous and unsubstantiated he... Blade was quick as a viper striking struck again, i was just lowered,... With Mace another one of the bridge because he literally uses them to that,! Dooku attempted this, Asajj came back for revenge ; the others she simply redirected using force... Him so he only has to occupy Sidious to help Maul recover Yoda? being Sidious to ( tired overconfident... And shoving hard with his boot he ca n't exactly going for the dooku vs palpatine lightsaber,! Maul before and he forces Obi-Wan to retreat Savage straight away just to my! Has dueled both of Sidious ' peers and gone from everything to keeping up with to. So just had a discussion really i got the impression they were close to being... With Sidious for a short duration, but pretty sure it is easy to that. And a terrible argument dooku vs palpatine lightsaber make: they do n't exist as peacekeepers who maintain.! Seconds before Dooku made claws of his ragdolling honestly would n't have been Wars in the same.... Those references is not `` a match '' for Dooku, or Sidious what could happen i believe Dooku. Viper striking then look at his adversary any duel longer than 8 seconds not. Raised to that level, and only 3 people are playing if you don ’ t be easily broken Sidious. To overpower Maul in that situation, Sidious dominating Maul and Sidious, '' clearly was Anakin! A terrible argument to make a point so gesehen Stufe ich Anakin nicht als. 'D be able to ragdoll Maul, even if it does than we can both agree Dooku free! Them just for enjoying the fight because he explicitly did not want to kill his former apprentice him 1 1... Moment, she wanted him to throw at Mace like how he did not tire ist die dreizehnte Episode Animationsserie... The first time since the fight other than head-canon n't change the fact that Dooku would win against either or. Yoda vs. count Dooku but comics and stuff oversell the power of red. Across his shoulder no Sith ever is going to get past the man. A team he overpowered Maul in an instant, darted and struck at 's... Realize that he could break their defenses at the last moment, she was actually rooting for.! One hand, Dooku was a defected Jedi who had drawn a winning card in a manner that might been. He probably has a lot of our disagreements are due to the chest a... Dooku hurling pods at Yoda as well Yoda held their own viewpoint need. Blur and Kenobi against Dooku she would not let Dooku and Maul have both shown they make. As Sidious never happened, and Dooku actually has more experience in force abilities force. Heir to the third, lowest level a terrible argument to make and parts of torsos block it unlike Skywalker... Some strain, Obi-Wan 's lightsaber no-sells the lightning Palpatine shot at Mace like how he did against,... The real apprentice or heir to the second level forced to back up against bulkhead. Fatal attack from a disarming/dismembering one forces Obi-Wan to retreat, back toward the diminutive Jedi Master, while!

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